Monday, 12 March 2007

The inevitable first post...

Well, this is my blog and welcome to it. I promised myself for quite some time now (Over 2 years now, in fact), that I wouldn't do this, but I finally feel that I have something useful to offer, and thus this blog was created.

Over the course of the coming days, weeks, months (years?!) etc, I will add my "musings" on a number of topics, but mostly to do with my work as a Web User Interface Designer for a certain very large travel company. It is likely that many of my posts will be lead by my experiences at work, and current developments in web technologies and standards. I am hoping that through writing all of this down, it will eventually become quite a useful resource... If not to anyone else, then at least to me.

So, on with the show, I suppose... And back to work.

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